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Lots of activity in the factories!

As we may have mentioned once or twice before, every day there is good news regarding the French economy such as from the INSEE (National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies) and the Bank of France that continue to raise their growth forecasts for 2017 and 2018. Everyone predicted 1.5%, then 1.7 % growth while we spoke of 2 % and honestly we were not too optimistic, but now the official forecasts are up to 1.9 %!
In terms of 2018, caution is required by the forecasters (we don't know why for sure, maybe a black cat will cross in front of them...) but with the growth rate acquired, we should reach 1.8% easily, and, as long as wars and/or terrorist attacks don't darken our bright skies we will hit 2 %... This is something unheard of for as long as we can remember.
The only fly in the ointment, even if job creation is there, seems to be that the natural modernization of the activity always destroys it and the structural unemployment continues. Still, anything can happen! It is highly amusing that the news commentators now give credit to the previous presidential team. Regardless, we will see what we will see when the new governments decisions come into fruition. Hopefully it will be in our favour.

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