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Macron or Monaco

It wouldn't be such a big deal if we could see the humor in the fact that on May 3rd there was a presidential debate between a pro- European candidate and a candidate who wants to leave the European Union held at the same time as the semi-final of the European Champions League Cup soccer match where France was represented by a team from outside the country ! (Monaco) Unfortunately, this allusion illustrates the way we approach politics in France, with irony, humor, or at any rate, a certain distance. Whichever candidate is elected, he/ she will have to make sense of today's politics. If we look at the American example, electing an extremist quickly strengthens opponents, restoring some political fervor....However, this maybe a little late, even if it is obvious that this election will continue to unfold, whatever happens, with a parliament with no majority for the president. It will for the most part restore the two main parties that were kicked out of the presidential race at the general election in June.

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